About Me

My name is Janine and I am so excited that you have stopped by my site! I live in suburban Ohio with my handsome husband, George, my three boys, William (6), Braden (4), and Jonathan (2), and my two crazy labrador retrievers.Also, we are currently on the waiting list to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia.

I love my God, my church, my family, and my friends.  I spend my days cooking, cleaning, disciplining, playing, reading, running errands, and cuddling with my husband, kids, and dogs. I do enjoy, however, fleeing the lovely craziness of my house to see a movie by myself,  meet up with friends, or go on a lunch date with my bible and notebook.

My passions are my love for my husband, my joy in my children, ministry, and learning and teaching the Bible. Everyday I feel called to live according to the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ, which sets believers apart from our fallen culture, even if this makes me look odd and even a bit crazy.

I enjoy writing and sharing what the Lord is teaching me. I dream about one day becoming the vessel through which the Lord touches women's lives and lets them know they are loved, they are cherished, they are remembered, and they are not alone. 

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