Monday, June 13, 2011

The Blessing of an Outstanding Mother

I’ve had a really tough couple of years… Miscarriages, numerous moves, marital struggles, postpartum depression, friend betrayals.  Couple that with my super-sensitive personality and it makes for a rough time. I’ve learned a lot through each and have gained a heart for ministering to those who are hurting, so I wouldn’t trade any of my suffering. Still, it takes  a lot of effort to wake up each morning and still have a productive life. That is why days like this are such blessings. Days where the sun seems to be shining on me a little more than usual and all is well in my life.  I want to take advantage of this time to write about one of God’s blessings in my life.
In the car today, I heard Lauren Alaina’s song, “Like my mother does.” Listening to the lyrics of that song, I realize how truly blessed I am to have my mom as my mother.  My mom might just be one of the most perfect women ever created by God and one of the people most representative of Christ I have ever met.
Her wisdom is such that she could share a table with Mother Teresa and Corrie Ten Boom and her heart  would fit in just fine.  She has never given poor advice.  Unlike some mothers who only give the advice that will help her child, my mom considers what is best for all involved, even if it isn’t what I want to hear.  It is always drenched with empathy towards others. I've known mother/daughter teams who get into arguments and yelling matches, compete with each other, knock each other down, or disrespect each other. My mother is constantly mature, self-controlled, gentle, kind, and good.
My mom never cared about being the prettiest, the thinnest, the richest, the smartest, the most popular, the most trendy, or the most sophisticated.  While some mothers pass their insecurities along to their children, my mother is the ultimate example of being secure with who they are.  My mom never tried to pretty me up. She didn’t mind when I went through my tomboy phase where all I wore was umbros and oversized t-shirts. When I would complain about my nose, she would tell me it was a “roman nose” and I should be proud of it.  Its funny that the bulk of my insecurities didn’t show up until after I moved out of my parents’ house.  
 She is the ultimate servant and example of hospitality. I’ll never forget when my friend, Tifft Gannon, came to Beavercreek and stayed at my house after a wedding. The next morning she asked him what he would like to eat. Of course, Tifft answered, “Do you have any steak?” She immediately went out to the freezer, defrosting and grilled a steak and served it to him without a thought.
She is the best example of how to be a great mommy! If you don’t ever get to meet my mom, you will know who she is in heaven because she will be the one rocking babies, on the floor with toddlers acting silly, having deep conversations with the kindergarteners, encouraging the teenagers, etc.  She has the patience of a saint and the play ideas of Maria Montessori. All of her grandchildren adore her and Grandma can do no wrong in their eyes.
She is an outstanding homemaker. Our house was always clean and tidy, dinner was always on the table, the pantry was always stocked,  and it seemed effortless for her.  And keep in mind that she had 6 kids!!! 
As a Christian wife and mother, she is the best example I could ask for. She spends hours each day in her bible, praying her rosary, watching religious services on tv. If only I could be so faithful.
So, here’s to you, Mom! I love you and I’m so thankful that God chose you to be my mom! And I know my siblings could only echo these sentiments and add on to them!
Check out Lauren Alaina's song here!


  1. Beautiful Janine! You're mom sounds amazing. I hope I can be like her too. This has Proverbs 31: 28 written all over it. "Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her". You have such a sweet heart too :-) blessings! Kate Lucius

  2. You are so right about our mom. She is so humble and the fact that she showed Michael what a mother should be is something that neither he or I will ever forget.

  3. Janine, it interesting that you write this about your mom. I still remember your mom as one of the sweetest and most hospitable. I remember that I used to LOVE her grilled cheese sandwiches, so every time I went over there she would make me one :) Very simple, but that's what I remember. Also, I still try to do it the way she taught me, and I cannot replicate. Grrr :)


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