Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday, Bloody Thursday

There are moments in parenting that you know will always stick in your mind. Every "we need to take him to the hospital" moment is one of those. We had one today. Braden decided to make a bridge of pillows from the couch to the coffee table and then crawl across. The bridge gave way and Braden's nose met the table's edge hard. Hard enough to cause horror-movie type screams from all the kids, major swelling, and more blood than I ever want to see come out of my child. After an hour of ice, rest, and comfort, we decided that it probably is not broken so George took him to the doctor to get checked out. Here are my take-aways:

1. Jonathan does NOT like when someone else has my full attention. He was doing everything in his power to get me to look at him.
2. William, our future pastor, counselor, or teacher, can turn everything into a teaching lesson. "Jonathan, can you say 'blood'? BL-OOD."
3. My major aversion to the sight of blood goes away when I'm in Mommy-mode.
4 William really wants another Lego Ninjago ($10). I told him how proud I was of him for all of his help. I said, "If there was a big brother of the year award, you would get it." He said, "Oh there is!" I replied, "Really?" He said with a mischievious smile, "Yeah, its $10."
5. I have great friends who are willing to help me out at a moment's notice.
6. My great husband is willing to drop everything during a busy morning at his important job, to come to his family's aid. I have only asked him to come home from work two or three times in the past six years, so when I do, its important. Its so wonderful to be married to someone who is willing to make sacrifices for us and knows how to keep his priorities in line!
7. There is nothing I wouldn't do to stop Braden's tears! He was so brave!

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